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At Osteosan Centre our speciality is physiotherapy and osteopathy applied on all types of muscle-skeletal disordes, ranging from acute, chronic or related with sports. We treat problems like neck pain, lower back pain, herniated discs, headaches and/or migraines, dizziness and/or vertigo, tendon problems,etc.


My name is Simon Ratcliffe, licensed physiotherapist from the University Miguel Hernandez and certified osteopath C.O. from the Madrid School of Osteopathy.

I began my journey towards health services with the simple objective of helping people with pain. When I finished my degree in physiotherapy I found myself with knowledge that helped me treat a variety of conditions, but I still felt I had limitations while treating certain disorders and decided to study another field that would complement what I had already learned.

That’s when I found osteopathy and from this moment my vision changed, specially from a diagnostic point of view. Before studying osteopathy I would look at a lower back problem and think the problem had its origin in the muscles or the spine itself. Now I look at a lower back problem and think that its origin may come from a shorter leg, foot alteration, visceral problem, etc.

Apart from these base degrees, I also have schooling in many other techniques that perfectly complement the way I treat pain disorders on a day to day basis. It’s also important to keep yourself updated, specially when there are continually new techniques arising in our sector.

Physiotherapy is a health science that applies physical effects like cold, heat, electrotherapy, manual therapy… with a therapeutic objective. Osteopathy and physiotherapy complement each other perfectly, because they both have an ample array of diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

There are still many new techniques that continue to arise in physiotherapy.

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